Q&A with Tracey Hockey, MSWA Client

Tracey MSWA

MSWA Client Tracey Hockey has been living with the effects of stroke since 2016.

What does ‘connection’ mean to you? 

Being connected to my family, friends and others in a positive and meaningful way. Being a part of others’ lives. 

Why is connection important?

Being connected is so important to my mental and physical wellbeing. If I’m not connected, I become isolated. Then I shut down and my world becomes very small. It is only through being connected to others that I can put things into perspective. 

How do you find connection?

I find connection through:

  • Regular play dates with my grandies (grandchildren)
  • Pet-sitting my ‘fur grandies’  
  • Staying with family in the countryside
  • Caravan weekends away with friends 
  • Community groups e.g. meditation
  • MSWA Hydrotherapy
  • East Fremantle Lacrosse Club 
  • MSWA Counsellors 
  • Working part-time 
  • Regular walks with my best friend
  • Regular bicycle rides with my partner 

Several of the above allow me to connect with other people living with neurological conditions, which is of great benefit to me.

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