Fatigue: An invisible symptom of MS


MS fatigue is not only difficult to define but it is an invisible symptom (in other words, others can’t see it). This can make it difficult to understand or explain to others who may interpret it in the wrong way. It is often described as heavy tiredness (lassitude), general weakness or lack of energy but for some it may be described as total exhaustion.

The reality is that every definition is correct because the experience is subjective and everyone experiences MS fatigue differently. Fatigue in people with MS is complex but the added burdens of worry about COVID-19, the stresses of isolation and consequential lack of exercise is making the problem worse for many people.

This guide by the MSIF is packed full of tips for managing MS fatigue, including exercises you can do at home and a fatigue diary.

The guide was adapted by MSIF’s International Resource Group, from MS Australia, MS Society UK and ARSEP Foundation resources.

Click here to download the guide.

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